Real estate audits with comprehensive analysis of the investment

In a typical acquisition process, the location and the aesthetic qualities of a property are often the impulsive criteria of the decision to buy.

We believe that the legal, administrative and tax (LAT) criteria must also be determining and reasoned factors of the same process.


B-Stone & Partners SA is able to present, on one hand, due to its perfect knowledge of both French private law rules and of the administrative constraints that may exist on the legal, tax and accounting plan, a comprehensive audit of the assets and structures targeted by its clients


On other hand, due to its strategic and privileged partners, B-Stone & Partners SA can obtain sensitive information and analyses which are often not visible during the primary approach of the file.


Such an audit allows to:


  • fully scan the situation of a property
  • summarise it in a single document in order to
  • avoid unpleasant legal, fiscal and administrative surprises that may arise, and all too often, at the conclusion of the file and sometimes after.


The overall analysis proposed by B-Stone includes, depending on the type of each file, the following:

  • The audit of the property/ies
  • The audit of the construction and environment quality
  • The audit of the holding structure
  • The appraisal


B-Stone & Partners SA equally provides:


  • monitoring of investment costs and constraints
  • assistance in negotiation
  • assistance for the investment
  • assistance in administrative banking in different jurisdictions
  • research of properties through our privileged partners